Then Sings My Soul…

Just a few weeks after turning seven years old, my son said the most profound thing to me he has ever said. It was so profound, that it brought tears to my eyes. He said, “Mommy, my soul was created to be born to you.”

How could he know that? He was a gift given to me by God. A gift born out of many tears, prayers, and an unexpected miracle. To hear him say those words to me was like I was being reminded of just that fact by God himself.

As a mom I believe it is my job to look out for my son, to pray for him, and to raise him up to be a child of God. I need to make sure he knows Jesus and follows in his path. If I can lead him to Jesus and help him get to heaven then I will be deserving of this gift.

When my son smiles, it is like a sunbeam straight from heaven. He helps me remember all the good in my life and the reasons to be happy. Thank you, God for blessing me.


Published by 29:11

Mother, educator, writer, speaker, believer in miracles. I've learned the hard way that life is too short to not let God be in charge. God's plans are always better than our plans, if we just trust in the Lord. I am living proof.

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