Hello again friends. It seems like it’s been quite a while since I posted. I apologize for the gap; I feel like I have been in the midst of bara. Bara is the hebrew word for becoming, or being created. The last few months I have felt myself being created. Perhaps re-created, or created again as I try to move forward and become more of the person that God has in mind for me.

“This is the book of the generations of Adam. When God created man, he made him in the likeness of God” (Gen 5:1). God is all things good and wonderful and loving. That is what I am striving to become. So many times I find myself trying to control my life, or speed things along, or influence the way events unfold. In those times I feel the most angst and unrest. But when I allow myself to settle, calm, and pray to understand that I need patience for God’s plan to unfold it is then that I am able to BARA.

I recently changed jobs, sold my house, and moved to another city. Even in the midst of what could be seen as upheaval, I have felt extremely at peace. I have been able to rest in God’s embrace and wait for things to unfold. It is in these times that I feel like the path that I am on is the right path. Even though not everything is laid out in a clear format and I am not moved into my new house (or even closed on it yet) I feel okay. I feel like I am becoming more in the image of what God wants me to be. Trust is an action word in my life right now.

I have heard the saying that “God works all things to the good.” I find myself trusting in this saying more and more and even using it to remind myself as certain stressors pop up in my life. For example, I am very worried about the health of my mom. She just recently came out of kidney cancer surgery and is going back to the hospital this week to see if the cancer is in her pancreas. To say that I am nervous and worried is really an understatement.

I have to remind myself that our whole lives are comprised of moments where we can BARA. To become. Our earthly lives are created to learn how to love one another. I absolutely and truly believe this. When God allows struggles and worries like the health of a loved one, I have to believe that HE is in charge and my only job is to bara. Become more trusting, become more believing, become more calm, become more loving and focused on his will.

Dear God, please permit me bara in my life. Allow me to become the daughter that you have in mind for me to be. I trust in your plan and pray for this grace.


Published by 29:11

Mother, educator, writer, speaker, believer in miracles. I've learned the hard way that life is too short to not let God be in charge. God's plans are always better than our plans, if we just trust in the Lord. I am living proof.

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